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Sunday, May 08, 2016

Very Fit Valer Bobak, Slovakia's and California's own

Model: Valer Bobak

Fitness model, championship Water Polo player, banker, artist.  Valer Bobak is such an impressive individual

He explains:

"I am originally from Slovakia and currently living in northern California. I have been a vivid child with bunch of energy, and always lot to say. Since my childhood I filled my head with many dreams, which now I am trying to accomplish. I am a very curious person who has many interests among which belong fitness, art, photography, design and cars."

"I started to play water polo when I was six years old and played competitively up until two years ago. In college, I was part of the team that won a California State Championship title. I had so much fun being an athlete; the rigorous training, the power of the team, the feeling of winning. It is amazing. I love the game and I miss it, but with the amount of time it requires to be ready everyday to play, and I could not do it anymore. Since I enjoy staying fit, I turned to my second option, which was fitness."