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Friday, June 10, 2016

BMX Worlds with Holland's Raymon van der Biezen

The Olympic Games provide us with a great opportunity to witness a lot of sports that we might not see much any other time, and Cycling BMX would be on that list.  It's an action sport that mixes intense racing, big jumps, and frequent crashes, i.e. there's never a dull moment!

... plus Raymon van der Biezen, who narrowly missed an Olympic medal in 2012.  Will his intensity bring him another shot at a medal this year?

Name: Raymon van der Biezen
Date of Birth: January 14, 1987 (Capricorn)
Hometown: Arnhem, Netherlands
Height/Weight: 6'0"/176 lbs
Sport: Cycling BMX
--- 2015 World Championships, 6th place
--- 2012 Olympic Games, 4th place