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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Norway: Footballer John Arne Semundseth Riise

John Arne Semundseth Riise is a retired Norwegian professional footballer who played as a left back. With 110 caps, he is the most capped player for the Norwegian National Team.

He was born on September 24, 1980 in Molde, Norway, and as a youth was found to be with some great talent.  He began his pro career with Aalesunds FK, at 16 entering on a Senior career.  At age 18 he began to play for Monaco, and went on to play for Roma and Liverpool. 

He left the national team in 2013, and although he signed with Aalesunds again in 2016, he retired almost immediately 

His brother, Bjørn Helge Riise is also a well known player.  For his brief time back in Aalesunds, he and his brother both played on the same team.

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