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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

FIGHT! Aussies vs. Hungarians: Olympic Men's Water Polo Update

Denes Varga
Rio 2016 Olympics Men's Water Polo play continues in the preliminary rounds.  Each team plays 5 games within their group in this round, which wraps up next Monday, August 15th. 

In Group A, only Brazil has won both of their games, Japan has lost both of their games, the rest of the teams (Australia, Serbia, Greece, Hungary) having at least one game ending in a tie.  A team garners 2 points for a win, 1 for a tie. 

In Group B, Croatia and surprising Italy have each won both of their games, USA and France have lost both, and Montenegro and Croatia have both lost and won 1 game.  The USA squad, Silver Medalists in the 2012 London games, is not measuring up to their hopes, despite the 5th Olympic appearance of team captain, Tony Azevedo, whose father played for the Brazil National Team before emigrating to California.     

Perhaps the standout game for these Olympics, so far, was the tie game between perennial favorites Hungary, and perennial bridesmaids Australia.  Hungary was frequently world and Olympic champions until recent years.  Australia, whose climate is favorable to year round play, almost always makes an appearance in the limited field of Olympic Water Polo and at international championships, but never holds out until the finals.  Play between the two teams was vicious from the opening whistle, with the Hungarian "attitude"  at their opening goals clearly angering the Aussies.  Upon the last- second Australian goal to tie the game at the final whistle, an all-out, in the water,  fight erupted between the two teams.  Does anyone have some Jello?
If you can locate a video of the fight, please send the link along to the rest of us!   

Rhys Howden



Belami fan said...

#5 (Hun) is so cute :P

Rex said...

Belami fan: Aren't you a fan of Eastern Europeans in general :)

Player number 5 for Hungary is Marton Vamos

In picture number 5, Hungary #10 is featured, still not sure of a name.

Rex said...

#10 is Denes Varga...

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Thanks Daniel Paul!