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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Tony Azevedo: USA Water Polo Legend

The USA schooled Italy in today's Rio 2016 Olympic Water Polo contest between the two, winning 10-7, but controlling the play much more than the score would indicate. 

The win for the USA was not enough to keep them in the tournament, and the loss for Italy put them into third place in Group B.  Group play continues tomorrow, at which time we hope to bring you an update.

The last USA game in this year's Olympics, was perhaps Tony Azevedo's last Olympic game, although he might come back in four years.  At 35 he has already provided so much entertainment for USA fans, as well as readers of these "pages"
Anthony Lawrence Azevedo is a Brazilian-born American water polo player and a graduate of Stanford University. Nicknamed "The Savior" at one point, he is considered to be one of the best American water polo players in recent memory. After his brilliant career at Stanford, which many of you will remember, he played for about a decade in Europe, and currently plays for a Brazilian team.  This was his fifth Olympics.

Thanks Tony, for all the great play you have provided over the years. 


Manhandler said...

Those lads are all very hot, but I can never get past those silly caps they wear on their heads. I know they wear them for good reasons, but that doesn't stop them from looking like they belong on babies.

Rex said...

You are right, they are a bit silly looking. Sports is like that, a few meters away from the field, almost all kit has some funny element.

Those silly hats have two purposes

it's the only identifier they have in the pool... to tell one team from another.

I think protecting the ears is an important function too... Otherwise, they would be like cauliflower, those players grab and squeeze every part that isn't nailed down... ;)