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Sunday, October 02, 2016

2016 Grand Final results, Bulldogs over Swans!

Easton Wood
100,000 fans packed into the Melbourne Cricket Ground (known as "The G") for the 2016 Grand Final of Australian Rules Football (AFL).  The Grand Final of the AFC has been held annually at the G since 1902. 

This year's edition did not disappoint.  It  was a classic for  the ages as the perpetually down on their luck Western Bulldogs overcame a drought of more than 60 years to triumph over the ever popular and perpetual winners, the Sydney Swans. The "home crowd" from Footscray, a suburb of Melbourne and the Bulldogs' home, turned out to cheer them on to the win.

THE BULLDOGS ARE PREMIERS! shouted the commentators, as they took the Premiership Cup, and perhaps more importantly the Premiership Flag,  awarded in the Grand Final, with the Western Bulldogs at 13.11 (89) to the Sydney Swans' 10.7 (67). 

Conventional wisdom before bouncedown today said that the Swans, were, of course, the favorites.  They fought with great heart, to be sure, but were unable in the end to overcome the spirit with which the Bulldogs held on for the victory.

As the lead seesawed throughout play, the Swans were ahead at the half, but the Bulldogs pulled ahead and finally sealed the deal in the last few minutes with some impressive scoring opportunities.

More than one player was injured during the game yet more than one injured player returned to the action, pushed through the pain, and sought glory.  

The AFC Grand Final has been the most well attended sporting event in Australia for many decades, and this year's edition did not disappoint.  The Victory parade, traditionally held on the following Friday, and always through Melbourne, is a Victoria state holiday.  

It was an inspiring game.   Congratulations, Western Bulldogs! 

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