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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Sport Saturday: Michigan, India, and Cristiano Ronaldo (of course)

Tim Visser
Cristiano Ronaldo

Sport Saturday

In the US:
NCAA Football features a renewal of the Michigan- Ohio State rivalry, this year at Ohio State.  Ms have been covered with red "x"es all throughout the campus.  Michigan is currently #3, Ohio State #2.  #1 Alabama is still undefeated, and takes on state archrival Auburn today. 

Basketball is heating up, both on NCAA and Pro levels.  LeBron James and the champion Cleveland Caveliers are attending the Michigan-Ohio State game as a team.

In the UK:  Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur renew their bitter soccer rivalry with a late afternoon game. 

In India:  England is beating India 44/1 with 13 overs in Cricket and plays until the 30th in their current India appearance.  

In Scotland:  Rugby features a fierce contest between Scotland and Georgia today.  Australia plays at Ireland. 

Qualifiers take place for Formula One at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix today. 

The Montreal Canadiens travel to Detroit to take on the Red Wings in NHL Hockey today. 

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Xersex said...

love Cristiano Ronaldo!