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Friday, January 06, 2017

Rexswimguy's Very Fit Jörn Schlönvoigt

Actor/DJ Jörn Schlönvoigt likes to stay in shape.

Jörn Schlönvoigt is a German DJ, actor, singer and designer. Schlönvoigt was born in Berlin. At age 11 he began to write his own lyrics, and at 16 bought a guitar and started a punk rock band, the Cherry Poppers. Later, he  began modelling, starting with Otto Versand.  Amidst his university career, he was cast in a Germa Soap Opera, and then began acting full time.  

He has also had a successful music career.  In 2007  Schlönvoigt released his debut single "Das Gegenteil von Liebe" ("The Opposite of Love"), soon after releasing a self titled album.  

Schlönvoigt has also launched his own fashion label QNH - clothing and more.

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Xersex said...

he could be a model as well!!!