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Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Daniel Rumfelt
David Costa
Jean Desterro
Jose Ferrer Santillan
Juan Esteban Berrio

Behind The Mask

My journey began...
After leaving the womb..
Into a world of wonder
With so much to see, so much to consume..

As the 20 years of my life strolled by,
I saw the dark face of world.. Brutal, heartless and utterly dry..
A world full of scathing, full of gloom..
Way far from what my mother showed in her womb..

Dark days, gloomy nights..
People dying, violent fights..
Agony of loss, broken hearts..
Painful love, being ripped apart.
Deceitful lovers, loss of trust..
People loving..only for lust!

So I hid myself behind a mask,
So that they can't see my face..
Now looking at first glance they say,
I'm in a happy place.

But I look all around helplessly now,
Trying to let out the real me..
My skin that's covered with lies n hypocrisy..
Is fighting constantly to become free..

But I have seen so many faces in life,
Fast they come, and faster they go..
Those who were closest to me..
Are now strangers. Or even my foe…

So I won't put this mask off my face,
Maybe you might see, Maybe you might hear..
The beating of my heart…
The tale of my tears..