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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Association Soccer

Branislav Ivanović
David Luiz
Connor Maguire
Cristiano Ronaldo
Americans always hear (mostly from ourselves)  "it's called football everywhere besides in the stupid USA"

That is NOT accurate.  Association Football is called Soccer everywhere another type of Football is prevalent and sometimes for other reasons elsewhere.  Besides the United States,   Canada, Ireland, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Lesotho, Japan, Australia New Zealand, most of the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Fiji all refer to "soccer." In the Adriatic 

Italy calls the game "Calcio" and Slovenia/Croatia/Bosnia & Herzegovina call it "Nogomet." (meaning something like "to place with the leg") Some other countries have other words...  Attached is a handy map I found on reddit.  Have fun with it, and next time you are tempted to say what is above, think twice... 

Soccer, Calcio, Nogomet, Association Football. 

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Xersex said...

love Connor and Cristiano Ronaldo!