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Friday, March 03, 2017

In the Swim

Vladimir Morozov
Marco Orsi
Fabio Scozzoli
Tom Daley
 There once was an Olympic swimmer
Who accidently ate Viagra for dinner
His Speedo grew tight
He was awarded that night
A gold medal as the pole-vault winner


Belami fan said...

Pourquoi ils ne nagent pas en "mode naturiste" ? (j'en conviens que tout nu n'est pas tellement pratique pour se battre contre le chrono)

Gary Jacobsen said...

I agree with the previous comment: swimming naked makes sure that the advanced Speedo's have no advantage. All natural and all equal.

Wish there were pictures of the one swimmer with Viagra. That would make a nice view with the pole sticking out of his trunks.

But nothing is better then a hot fit guy in Speedo. Can't get enough of watching that.

Xersex said...

probably it would be nice a mode naturiste! but it'd be embrarassing with some not so much gifted guys!