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Thursday, March 23, 2017

WBC Results

Kevin Gould
Liam Jolley
LLeyton Hewitt
Max Schneeberger
Mitchell Slaggert
Nyle Dimarco
Olimpio Alves
River Viiperi
 The World Baseball Classic has just wrapped up at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. After a few weeks' play, this international competition has just had a never before seen result:  a win by Team USA.  

The Eagles beat Puerto Rico in tonight's final game action by a score of 8-0.  Their final opponents, Japan and then Puerto Rico, each had been undefeated before their final games, and PR had beat the US in a game in the opening rounds. 

Both countries should be as proud of their overall 7-1 records as the US is of its 6-2 championship! 

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Xersex said...

fabulous guys! Happy frigay!