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July 17, 2017

AFL: Australian Football League

Matt de Boer
Brad Murphy
Paul Licuria
Sharrod Wellingham


Marco said...

Handsome players!
They are all hot!

Grant B said...

If you're interested, the Sydney Swans and Saint Kilda are playing the second of what will be the annual Pride match on Saturday night, this coming weekend. The Pride match is to celebrate the welcoming of diversity within the AFL community, allowing LGBTI fans to go to games openly without fear of attack or abuse. Player guernsey numbers on their back will be rainbow coloured. For more information, go to To see a very interesting video; check out The Newman Brothers in the videos listed on the front page of the website. PS: Get an email.

Rex said...

Thanks Grant, I will try to put together a post on this in the next day or so, at the latest for Sport Saturday where we often feature Aussie Rules.


Thanks again