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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Aquatics Worlds Speedofest

Blogger has started assigning a ridiculously long alphanumeric code to picture files.  It doesn't happen very often, not with each post I am editing, but it happened with this post.

UNFORTUNATELY this means that the models/subjects names are all lost to us, since those were the original file names.  ANNOYING (where there are caps this is when I am screaming obscenities here, but it would be unprofessional....)  

If you can identify anyone, please do so in comments, so I can add names and give credit, and get them in the keywords...  MERCI

1 comment:

Xersex said...

I took the last one, with this

and I found out that he's TAO FERNANDEZ CAINO

so, it's always possible to do some researches!