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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Rexswimguy's Speedo Clad with Andrei Armas

Model: Andrei Armas
 Andrei Armas is a Moldovan born  model from the Canary Islands in Spain.  He was chosen Mr. Maspalomas a few years ago, and then launched on his career.  He speaks Spanish, English, Russian and Romanian.  

He has written: 

My name is Andrei Armas. I was born in the Republic of Moldova and brought up in the sun kissed land of Spain “Gran Canaria”. 
After my education I decided to travel the world to discover and learn about countries and cultures and eventually to discover myself. 
I was recruited as a model in 2015 by “SC Model Management” France which is my mother agency. 
It was back in the days when I was traveling that I discovered that I love fashion, making style statements and putting outfits together because I always wanted to feel and look confident. It came as a surprise to me when I was finally noticed and was asked to become a model. I was thrilled to be entering the glamorous industry. Soon I realized that this is what I love to do and decided to take part in the national level competition “Mr International Maspalomas” of Gran Canaria 2015. With the love and support of my country and family, I won the competition and was crowned. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity. After that I got the chance to travel and work in India where currently I am modeling with some of the best brands of the country and I could not be more happy about it. 
In future I would really like to work with few of the best and most iconic designers of the world and represent my country. In due course of time I would like to inspire the youth of my nation and around the world and teach them about being a fashion model and that “if you love fashion and style then it is a good career move to make” and being a fashion model is not only about standing in front of the camera and posing, it is much more than that. 
I would like to end this by quoting a line from one of the most iconic designers of all time Yves Saint Laurent -“Fashion fades, style is eternal”.

187cm / 6´2”
102cm / 40"
82cm / 32"
102cm / 40"
43 EU, 9 UK, 9 US

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Xersex said...

marvellous! I love him!