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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sport Sunday: Baseball eclipses all.

Not much is happening in worldwide sport today.  A few Premier League and Bundesliga games at the start of the season, and three Aussie Rules games, of little import.  In international cricket, those expected to win are winning. In the USA, tomorrow is total eclipse day, but most of the teams are off the field...  Must be time for a Baseball update.

The Baseball season is long, stretching as it does from late March/Early April, now until November, for those who are in the World Series.  August is the month in which the season starts to shake out, though, with September deciding the close races in the standings.  

In the American League, all of the division leaders have defensible if tenuous leads.  The Yankees are 4 games back from the East Division leaders, the Boston Red Sox.  In the Central Division, the Minnesota Twins are 6 games back from the division leader Cleveland Indians, who contested last years World Series, but ultimately lost to the World Champion Chicago Cubs.  The Kansas City Royals are only 71/2 games behind, so there is a bit of a contest there.  In the Western Division, the Houston Astros are 13 games ahead of the nearest competitors, the Angels of California.  

The National League presents one closer challenge, between the Central Division St. Louis Cardinals, the Milwaukee Brewers, and the Chicago Cubs.  The Cubs lead the division, with the Brewers at 2 GB, and the Cardinals at 2 1/2 GB.  The Pittsburgh Pirates are also contenders, at 6 1/2 games back, but with recent misfortune, they only seem able to fall in the standings.  The Cardinals will not be on the field during the total eclipse in St. Louis.  The Atlanta Braves will be meeting the Cincinnati Reds during the eclipse, but are not in the path of totality.  In both Eastern and Western Divisions, both leaders, the Washington Nationals and the Los Angeles Dodgers are far ahead of their closest competitors.  The Nats are leading the Florida Marlins by 14 games, and in the West, the Dodgers are ahead of the Colorado Rockies by 20 games.  It is not clear how soon teams can clinch the division title, but in Baseball everything is possible.  

This Baseball update was brought to you here on Sport Sunday by the ennui of worldwide sport!