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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Italy: Diver Giovanni Tocci

Giovanni Tocci and Andrea Chiarabini
Many divers gain international attention, Tom Daley, for instance, and rightly so.  One diver who certainly has it all together, and calmly does what he wants, wins, is Italian Diver Giovanni Tocci.  Tocci appears frequently at international competitions, and occasionally on the Italian dance competition program "Dance, Dance, Dance."  

Giovanni Tocci was born 31 August 1994.  He says that he began diving at age six in Cosenza, Italy, because "I did not like swimming and wanted to try diving."  Officially he dives for the Italian Army, and in his down time he studies International Cultural Studies at the University of Calabria.

He began diving internationally in 2012, and has emultated his idol,  Italian diver Andrea Chiarabini, with whom he has competed in synchronized diving.  He missed the 2012 Olympics because of a shoulder injury, but he competed in the men's synchronized 3 metre springboard at the 2016 Summer Olympics, where he and Andrea Chiarabini finished 6th.  He took Silver in the  1m springboard at the 2016 European Championships in London, England. At the Aquatics Worlds in Budapest  this past Summer (2017) he took the bronze medal in the same competition.  He also took bronze in the 3m Springboard at the University Games in Taipei.  

During the  2017  season,  he appeared on the Italian television show 'Dance, Dance, Dance', partnering fellow Italian diver Tania Cagnotto.  In that show the performers have solo and couple numbers.  "Can't Touch This" was a 
memorable solo number for Tocci.  

We look forward to following him in future competitions.  

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fantastic guy! grazie!