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October 20, 2017

Saturday Sport

The Los Angeles Dodgers beat last year's champions, the Chicago Cubs, in convincing fashion, and so advance to represent the National League in the World Series.  Major League Baseball's World Series will begin shortly, once it is decided whether the New York Yankees or the Houston Astros will represent the American League in this year's championship.  The American League Championship Series is tied at three games apiece, after the Astros came back convincingly in last night's sudden death (for them) game.  This afternoon's game will be sudden death for either of the two teams, as it will be the last game of the playoffs, and will show who will represent the American League in the series... 

American Football is reaching a do or die situation this weekend, with high school teams in some states involved in the last games of their regular season, and some of  whom are already engaged in elimination round play.  This afternoon features so many NCAA contests, that it is difficult to point out which will be the best...  This afternoon promises exciting action, when #2 Penn State, cross swords with  archrivals #19 Michigan.  The Nittany Lions are much higher ranked, but the afternoon should be filled with exciting action. 

In Spain, Barca’s most vocal fans held up a ‘Freedom for Catalonia’ flag on Wednesday, though which league the team will play in the event of independence is far from certain.

For now, Barcelona has been dealing with the "independence for Catalonia" question in a non convincing fashion.  Instead, they have been winning Soccer in a convincing fashion, and  are currently atop the table in the Primera Liga.  This afternoon they are expected to beat winless Malaga with ease. With friends like Malaga to play, who wants independence?   While expected magic moments from Lionel Messi and his teammates may very well go viral, the political angle remains acute, and very much a part of this year's season for Barcelona...

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