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March 17, 2018

Sunday Sport: Even more Basketball

The NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament continues in college athletics in the USA.  Today is the second and last day of Round II, which will narrow the field of 32 to 16, who will head into round three and four next weekend.  

Today the Purdue Boilermakers will take on the Butler Bulldogs in Detroit. Purdue lost a key player in the first round, but the Boilermakers will certainly play hard against the big city team from their state's capital.  The Bulldogs will certainly respond in kind. 

Another state rivalry will be carried out  in far away San Diego, between the Marshall Bisons and the West Virginia Mountaineers.  They used to play annually on a neutral court, but West Virginia pulled out of that arrangement  a few years ago.  This should prove an exciting game as the rivalry reignites. 

The National Invitational Tournament also continues in the USA.  Several decades ago, this was considered a primo and distinguished tournament, surpassing even the NCAA tourney in importance.  This shifted sometime in the 1970's, but the NIT trundles along, providing some good basketball, usually played by teams from challenging conferences, whose member teams cannot all be invited to the NCAA.  

So, yesterday's surprise 73-63 win by Penn State over Notre Dame, while indeed astounding, fits within the framework of the quality basketball the NIT tries to provide.   

On tap Sunday are games between Baylor and Mississippi State, Marquette and Oregon, and between Louisville and Middle Tennessee. 


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