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March 26, 2020

What do you mean no opening day?

Max Emerson

Bryce Harper

Today was supposed to be opening day of the MLB Season for 2020.  Instead, pro baseball also becomes a victim of Covid 19.  

We'll celebrate baseball anyway today.  

What's your favorite team?  

What position do you like to play?  

Softball or Hardball?

Bats or Balls?  

Let us know below!  


Xersex said...

#3 Max Hanley Emerson
Vero Beach, Florida: September 7, 1988

Gaynboston said...

Red Sox, left field, hardball, love both bats and balls :)

bignate said...

Looks like #3 has another lovely bat
Nationals, catcher, HARD ball, bats

Hot guys said...

Yes baby, jocks are the best, as I say it again and again.

Eric said...

Thanks, Xersex! Thanks guys, we'll look for more true fans to post! The Red Sox and the Nats. What would Yankee fans say? :)

Xersex said...

You know how happy I am if I can help find some names of the beautiful men you publish.