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March 29, 2018

Rexswimguy's Speedo Clad with Tristen Escolastico

Model: Tristen Escolastico

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Tristen Escolastico played football and wrestled growing up in northern New Jersey. Through sports, Tristen started training with weights. His muscles developed rapidly, and with the gift of a high metabolism, Tristen decided to enter his first bodybuilding show in 2010. He competed in the Teen division and destroyed the competition as a middleweight.

In 2011, Tristen made some substantial gains and competed at the Collegiate Nationals as a light heavyweight bodybuilder.  In 2012, Tristen put a decent amount of mass on his legs to balance them with his upper body. 

In 2015, Tristen competed as a pro bodybuilder for the first time at the Europa Games in Phoenix, AZ. He took 4th place but looked like he could have placed higher.

He currently lives in Florida, and he has also started his own apparel company.

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