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April 28, 2018

Sport Sunday: Roundball and Hockey

In North America two great playoffs cycles are underway, the NHL, pro hockey and the NBA, pro basketball.  Each of the two great leagues has reached the end of their round of their playoffs, reported in this space last weekend and advances to the semifinal rounds in their respective leagues.   

The second round began Thursday when the Washington Capitals hosted the Pittsburgh Penguins, other teams involved in the second round are the Nashville Predators, who face off against the Winnipeg Jets, the Predators are favored, although the keen competition of a seven game series is expected.  The Vegas Golden Knights are facing off against the San Jose Sharks.  Again, the Golden Knights are favored, but not highly.    

The Tampa Bay Lightning face off against the Boston Bruins, and the predicted winners are anyone's guess.  Sidney Crosby and his Pittsburgh Penguins take on the Washington Capitals in Round 2.  The Penguins always seem to pull it off in the end, but it will be close. 

The Penguins have already beat DC in game one, and will play the Caps again this afternoon in game 2.  Despite predictions, Winnipeg won their first game against Nashville, 4-1.  They will engage in game two tonight in Nashville.  

The National Basketball Association  seems to be in a time warp, as round two has begun in some regions, while round one continues in others.  The Eastern Conference is lagging behind the West a little bit, as the Cleveland Cavaliers and Indiana Pacers will have their Game 7 on Sunday after the second round has begun out West.  The winner of that game will advance to the semifinals. 

On Saturday, the Boston Celtics eliminated the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 7 of their first-round series and the Golden State Warriors hosted the New Orleans Pelicans to kick off the second round. In other second round action, the Utah Jazz will take on the Houston Rockets this afternoon.  The Philadelphia Seventy Sixers and  Toronto Raptors have also advance to round 2. 

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