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July 12, 2018

Speedo Clad Oisín Tracey

Model: Oisín Tracey

One veterinarian is melting hearts all over — not just down under.

After first moving to Australia from Ireland, Dr. Oisin Tracey began posting photos on Instagram of his life with animals and quickly people began to notice more than just his furry friends.

Many of his 30,000 followers love his adorable smile and call him an Instagram babe.

“I’m very passionate about animals and the work I get to do… and at some stage it kind of just exploded and now I’m sharing it not just globally, but worldwide,” Tracey said.

Surprisingly, Tracey never imagined working with animals would be his career.

“I didn’t always want to be a vet. I went to art school straight out of high school.”

Thankfully, the modern-day Dr. Doolittle quickly discovered not only his true passion but also a huge social following.


Xersex said...

here is his channel

GILL said...

Wow sexy